Will my computer run SystemicVR ?

SystemicVR is an 3D simulation program created in the Unity Game Engine.
SystemicVR runs online, in a web-browser which supports the Unity WebGL Web Player.
The following web-browsers run SystemicVR.

Google Chrome 57 and newer (recommended)
Mozilla Firefox 52 and newer
MS Edge 16 or newer

SystemicVR does not run on a device which only has a touch screen. We strongly advise you to use a mouse so you can look and move around inside SystemicVR.

Most PC or Mac's will have enough memory and the correct graphics card to run SystemicVR. Simply try SystemicVR to see if it runs on your PC or Mac. If it does not work, please review the Questions & Answers list to see if you may need to make some changes to your settings. It could however be that your computer is not powerful enough or too old to run SystemicVR. 

To run SystemicVR, you will need to have an internet connection with a good speed. 
A connection which can support video conferencing with for example Zoom or Microsoft Teams will also allow you to run SystemicVR.