SystemicVR Connect Manual for Participants

The SystemicVR Connect App allows participants to control the movement, scale and posture of their own representative avatars. 
To be able to use the SystemicVR Connect App, the participant must be invited into a SystemicVR session by an instructor, coach or facilitator.

1. Open

When you open the App on your smartphone you will see this screen. Here you can enter your name and the Session Code which will be provided by your host (the instructor, coach or facilitator)

2. Join

After you have entered your name and the Session Code you can join the Session by clicking the 'Join' button.

3. Entering the room

You will be automatically let in to the Session. 

4. Assign to character

Your host will assign you to a representative character. 
While you are waiting to be assigned to a character, you will see this screen.

5. Character label 

Both you and your host can label the character assigned to you. 

To do so click on the upper white box and type the desired label. The label will show up in SystemicVR above your character.  

6. Controlling the character

You can move, turn and scale your character. 

  • Move your character by using the arrows on the screen. 
  • Turn your character around by using the arrows on the bottom left and right of your screen. 
  • Scale your character by using the plus and minus buttons on the upper left and right of your screen.

7. Posture

You can give your character different postures. To do this please select the bottom box and it will open. You can now choose the desired posture.

8. Pause

Your host can decide to pause character control for all participants. You will see this message as long as your control has been paused. 

9. Closing the App

You can close the Session and your App by clicking the cross in the upper right corner. 

The Session may accidentally end by itself or the App may close, for example if your phone goes to sleep mode or if you receive a phone call. 

In case this happens you can open the App again and log back in.

App on Android

Install the SystemicVR Connect App on your Android Smartphone by clicking the button.

App on Iphone

Install the SystemicVR Connect App on your Apple Smartphone by clicking the button. 

Use your webbrowser

On Windows PC, the SystemicVR Connect  can also be used in a webbrowser. Click the button to open a new webpage.