3D constellations for online
systemic work and training

The SystemicVR 3D software tool allows systemic facilitators, coaches and trainers to create constellations with 3D virtual characters. 

Virtual constellations can be viewed from above as well as through the eyes of the representatives.

In an online session (for example with Zoom or Teams) users can view the constellation and even control a 3D representative themselves.

Library of virtual characters, 
objects and symbols

Users of SystemicVR can choose from over 60 virtual characters and a large number of 3D objects and symbols.

Transfer BHI

As of january 1st of 2024 Systemic VR is exclusively offered to students of Bert Hellinger Instituut. If you are intereseted in using SystemicVR we invite you to contact BHI.

Covid-19 "Social distance proof" 

The 3D virtual constellations  can be used to provide coaching and training "at a distance" using video conferencing technology.

1 on 1 and group or team-sessions

With the right video-conferencing solution SystemicVR can be used to run sessions with single clients as well as groups or teams.

Training, learning and intervision

You can use SystemicVR for intervision as well as for training and learning purposes. With SystemicVR you can perform exercises and set up constellations. 

For schools and trainings institutes we offers special packages so your trainers and students can use SystemicVR and have their own license. For more information and pricing please contact us

Many ways to look at constellations

Clients and the facilitator, coach and trainer can view the 3D virtual constellations from any point of view. They can freely move around the virtual room. 

User friendly and cost efficient

The SystemicVR software is very user friendly. Furthermore with remote training you have no more cost to rent space, travel and pay for lunch.

About the Authors

SystemicVR was developed by an enthusiatic team of professionals from different backgrounds. 

Marion Latour is a experienced facilitator, systemic coach and trainer in constellations and systemic coaching. During the Corona-crisis she wanted to do constellations online and thought about a program where you can do constellations with virtual reality. 

Martijn Boosman is a designer of virtual reality simulation tools and has created and managed multiple companies in the field of VR simulation solutions for training and education of emergency responders. 

Ferran Julia is a gifted software developer and a firefighter as well. Ferran programmed the SystemicVR software using the input of Marion and Martijn.

Nienke PrivĂ©e is a skilled make-up artist for special effects and TV/movie productions. Nienke applies her make-up skills when using 3D design and character animation software to create 3D characters for SystemicVR.  

Tiago Tavares is an experienced 3D Modelling artist. Tiago has created the 3D rooms as well as the objects and symbols in SystemicVR. 

For more information, about Marion's company Aletaya who is responsible for introduction of SystemicVR into the field of systemic work, please visit the website of Aletaya.